Is Your Child Struggling With ADHD, Anxiety Or PANDAS?

We help parents with children who have mental health issues manage these conditions, so that their children can finally thrive and do well in school without the lifelong dependence on costly stimulant medications and their debilitating side effects.

Is Your Child Struggling With...

Gut Imbalances

  • IBS, Abdominal Pain

  • Constipation, Diarrhea, Reflux

  • Food Sensitivities & Allergies

  • Weight Gain

  • Skin Disorders

Stress & Anxiety

  • Emotional Outburst

  • Uninterested or Disconnected

  • Mood Swings

  • Low Energy, Fatigue

  • Overwhelm

ADHD & Autism

  • Poor Focus

  • Trouble Making Friends

  • OCD

  • Speech Delays

  • Social Delays

Why Cedars Functional Medicine

When Dr. Nahas was a young doctor, she had two separate parents with a child with ADHD come in to the clinic in one day, and one parent asked for medication straight away, while the other refused medication and was seeking for natural solutions instead.

At the time, Dr. Nahas was conventionally trained and board certified in Pediatrics, and didn’t have any solutions to offer the second parent, other than to remove sugar and food coloring from the diet & to eat a more wholesome organic diet.

Fast forward a decade later, when Dr. Nahas experienced her own health challenge, but was left to fend for herself because she was told by the conventional medical experts that they could not find anything wrong.

This launched Dr. Nahas in search of “out of the box” answers, and she discovered a new discipline called Functional Medicine, or root-cause medicine, and within 3 months she healed her body completely!

Then she proceeded to learn all that she could about this new scientific approach to health, and got certified by The Adapt Institute of Functional Medicine, the Kalish Institute, and did a fellowships with Dr. Kurt Wohler and Dr. James Greenblatt, to focus more on mental health and autism.

After practicing in Covington/GA for 26 years, Dr. Nahas has now developed a hybrid practice serving GA , FL and OR patients with this new functional approach, and has helped many patients bridge their gap to wellness.

Precision personalized care focused on the root cause of your child's chronic mental health issues so you can finally empower them to feel great and thrive academically, emotionally, and physically.

Treat The Root Issue

We consider every aspect of your child's well-being to identify the underlying cause of their ADHD symptoms including the seven key areas.

Feel More Like Themselves Again

With our treatment, many children with ADHD experience significant improvements or reversal of their symptoms.

Experience True Healing

By adopting an integrative approach, your child can experience meaningful & lasting improvements in their focus & well-being.

Getting Started Is Simple

I am here to help you and your child reclaim their focus, well-being and true potential.

So if you're ready to lessen and reverse your child's symptoms naturally... and finally break free from all the daily drama, then let me show you how!

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Meet Dr. Nahas

Dr. Nahas specializes in transforming the lives of children and teenagers struggling with mental health issues like ADHD, Anxiety and PANDAS.

Her approach is tailored for parents who dream of seeing their child succeed academically, enjoy better health and sleep, thrive in social settings, and navigate life with sound decision-making skills.

She understands the unique challenges faced by families dealing with mental health issues and is committed to guiding your child towards a fulfilling life without solely relying on stimulant medications.

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Take The First Step Today On Your Child's Journey Towards Better Mental Health

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